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The worst thing ever

So, yesterday, after erin leaves, i go outside to check on our ducks. I notice that one is in the backyard, outside the cage, laying down. he's like in the path beyond our yard. I look, and i notice that his head is bleeding, and i think he's dead. So, yeah. I woke up to two dead ducks, and the other two ducks were still alive, though mack's duck had a broken leg. This poor duck had his neck broken, and he was still alive. I felt so bad for him. You shoulda heard me scream for my mom. So, mine and macks are the only two still alive, and we put the dead ones in a bag, and my mom has to throw it away, even though shes crying, and she doesn't want us to see them. Then, me, erin, meg, lance, and christy go downtown chi-town, and hang out there. When we get back, i find out that myne and macks have died too, b/c of shock. So, yesterday kinda sucked.
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