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WOW!!! ITs been a while!!!

Hey. Merry Christmas!! I haven't written here in such a long time!!! I guess I kinda missed it. There are tons of things to say! Here's a list:

-I got a job at Culver's in Aurora (October)

-I got a cell phone (finally!!!!)

-My car broke

-I got accepted to IWU last month!!

So, yeah, i'm getting $6.50 an hour at Culver's the same from Jo-Ann's. I'm having a blast there, and i really hope I can stay there forever. haha

This is the last week of winter break. It totally sucks. Meghan and Andrew are back, and they just make it horrible. The car is broken, so 6 people are sharing one car, and i hate it. I am also officially done with Will and Grace. It's over. I don't care anymore.

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